Quad Ring, Black BUNA/NBR Nitrile Size: 010, Durometer: 70 Part Number: XP70BUN010 (Min Qty: 110)

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Product Overview


Quad Rings, also known as X-Rings, have a four-lobe design which provides two sealing surfaces, thus requiring less force to maintain an optimal seal, ensuring longevity and less friction. These two contact points create an excellent resistance to leakage, twisting and friction. Unlike standard o-rings where the parting line is on the surface, on quad rings the parting line is located between the lobes, thus eliminating the common problem of leakage resulting from an irregular parting line.

These quad rings are comprised of Buna, or Buna-N material, which is a copolymer with Butadiene and Acrylonitrile and is commonly referred to as Nitrile or NBR. This material offers a relatively low cost, great mechanical properties and resistance to many common oils, fuels and lubricants. Buna material features high tensile strength, and abrasion, tear, and compression set resistance.

Typical Applications

Buna Quad Rings are commonly used within faucets, engines, flanges, valves and various cylinders.

They are compatible with petroleum, silicone, mineral and vegetable oils, as well as fuels, ethylene glycol fluids, di-ester base lubricants, natural gas, air or water. Quad rings can be used within both dynamic and static applications

Do Not Use With:

Buna-N or NBR material is vulnerable to ozone, sunlight and weathering, therefore should not be used in application that have exposure to UV light, welding equipment or ozone-generating electric motors. Strong acids, ketones (MEK), and halogenated hydrocarbons are also not recommended.

Material TypeNitrile (BUNA-N) Rubber
Color: BLACK
Min. Temperature °F(°C): -30°F (-34°C)
Max. Temperature °F(°C): 225°F (107°C)

Product Dimensions:

Inner Diameter: 1/4 (0.239")

Outer Diameter: 3/8 (0.379")

Cross Section: 1/16 (0.070")

Durometer 70A (Medium)


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