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Sur-Seal, Inc. Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement provides an overview of how Sur-Seal, Inc. processes personal data about people it does business with, whether online through this website, or in other ways. 

Personal data is information that relates to you as an individual.

When we refer in this Privacy Statement to Sur-Seal, Inc. "processing" personal data, we mean any handling by Sur-Seal, Inc. of personal data - for example, collecting, storing, using, transferring disclosing, deleting or accessing personal data.

This Privacy Statement applies to personal data that Sur-Seal, Inc. processes as a result of dealings through this website, including your use of this website.

This Privacy Statement also applies to personal data that Sur-Seal, Inc. processes as a result of other business dealings you may have with Sur-Seal, Inc. 

What this Privacy Statement covers

This Privacy Statement applies to personal data that Sur-Seal, Inc. processes as a result of dealings through this website, including your use of this website. Section 4 addresses online privacy. If your only dealings with Sur-Seal, Inc. are through this website, please refer to section 4. 

As a global company, Sur-Seal, Inc. is regulated under data protection laws and privacy laws that apply in its countries of operation. This Privacy Statement is not intended to explain all the different legal obligations that apply to Sur-Seal, Inc. around the globe under applicable privacy and data protection laws (Privacy Laws). However, it is intended to provide a general illustration of how Sur-Seal, Inc. will process personal data about you. 

Processing of personal data

Whose personal data does Sur-Seal, Inc. process?

Sur-Seal, Inc. processes personal data of individuals with whom it deals with in the course of its business activities. 

This includes "contact people" within:

  • its customers and suppliers;
  • government departments and regulatory agencies;
  • the communities where it operates; and 
  • industry groups and other organizations that it has business dealings with. 

As explained in the introduction, Sur-Seal, Inc. also processes personal data of employees, prospective employees and contractors, and more information about that is contained in the separate privacy statements referred to above. Sur-Seal, Inc. also processes personal data of its shareholders and directors.   

What type of personal data is processed, and why?

Sur-Seal, Inc. processes personal data that it needs for its business activities. The scope of your personal data that is processed will depend on the nature of Sur-Seal, Inc.'s dealings with you. We process personal data as we consider required or as permitted by applicable Privacy Laws.

If you are one of the "contact people" described above, Sur-Seal, Inc. will process personal data that is needed to contact you or your organization. Apart from your name, Sur-Seal, Inc. will process your business contact details (eg. title, work address, email address and telephone numbers). 

This personal data will be processed for the relevant business purposes for which it was collected or obtained, for example to supply goods to your company or acquire services from your company, to enter into contracts, for external communications and for related administrative purposes. 

Sur-Seal, Inc. may also need to process other types of information in order to manage your relationship with Sur-Seal, Inc. In particular, we need to process personal data:

  • about individuals within our customers in order to take actions or measures we consider necessary or appropriate to comply with our legal obligations. For example, to meet our obligations under anti-money laundering legislation in some of our countries of operation, we need to process personal data that verifies the identity of beneficial owners of customers (egg passport data). We also need to collect personal data from shareholders for shareholding purposes (including for regulatory reporting  and shareholder communications); and
  • about visitors to our premises or sites for security and safety purposes.

In these situations, if you do not provide the personal data we need or request, we won't be able to do business with you (or the company that you represent). 

Sharing of personal data within Sur-Seal, Inc. To the extent we consider required or permitted by applicable Privacy Laws, personal data may be shared between companies within the Sur-Seal, Inc. Group as necessary or appropriate for the conduct of business activities (as described in section 1 above). 

Disclosures of personal data to third parties

To the extent permitted by applicable Privacy Laws, Sur-Seal, Inc. may disclose personal data

  • to external service providers (as discussed below); 
  • in the event of a proposed sale, merger, reorganization or other similar event relating to a Sur-Seal, Inc. business or entity;
  • as we consider required or permitted under law or to comply with legal or regulatory requirements. This may require disclosures to courts, law enforcement agencies or government, regulatory or other competent authorities and bodies; or
  • to protect the rights or safety of any of its employees or any third party. 

Sometimes Sur-Seal, Inc. engages external service providers (including professional advisers such as lawyers, accountants and auditors) to fulfil some of Sur-Seal, Inc.'s functions or to perform other important services (eg. IT functions, data storage services, share registry services). In that context, personal data may be disclosed to those external service providers. 

Sur-Seal, Inc.'s external service providers (including external professional advisers) may be located in a country which does not have laws that provide the same level of data protection as in your country. Sur-Seal, Inc. takes contractual steps to protect the confidentiality and security of your personal data when it is disclosed to external service providers (including, where necessary, execution of the European Commission's standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data). We also require external service providers to process your personal data only in accordance with Sur-Seal, Inc.'s instructions and applicable data privacy laws. 

Online privacy - processing of personal data collected through Sur-Seal, Inc. websites

This section of the Privacy Statement describes how Sur-Seal, Inc. processes personal data that is collected or obtained through this website. 

Sur-Seal, Inc. controls the personal data that is collected or obtained through this website.

How we process personal data provided or obtained through this website

If you use this website, you may choose to provide personal data to Sur-Seal, Inc. (for example, by sending us an email). We will process the personal data that you provide through this website to answer your query and if relevant, to manage our business relationship with you or your company.  

Cookies statement - our use of cookies and tracking data

A cookie is a short text file that may be stored on your hard drive when you visit a website. We use the following types of cookies on this website:

  • "Google Analytics" cookies (a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc). Google Analytics sets four cookies that allow us to analyses traffic on the website. Google Analytics cookies allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors to this website and to see how visitors move around the site (in particular, what pages of the website are being visited). This helps us to improve the way our website works.
  • Possible display and preference settings cookies - for example, if you changed the size of the text on our website when you last visited, a cookie will remember that so that you don't need to do it again.

These cookies do not collect or track any personal data or information about you as an individual.  Instead, they are focused on how the website is used, and seek to enhance the accessibility of the website. 

We also log your domain and IP address automatically when you visit this website. This data identifies the computer that you are using to view this website and your approximate geographic location. Again, we do this to track usage patterns. 

We do not use cookies or other tracking data to send you advertising or promotional material. 

Note that most web browsers allow some control of cookies through browser settings. If you delete or block our cookies, some parts of the website may not work properly, because some of our cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of this website.

This Privacy Statement places all users of this website on notice about our use of cookies. Your continued use of this website confirms to us that you are aware of our use of cookies and have no objection to this.

Online security

We take reasonable steps to protect the security of information (including personal data) that is provided by you or exchanged with you through this website.

Our security measures include using firewalls, intrusion detection systems and virus scanning tools to protect against unauthorized persons and viruses from accessing the information that you provide to us, and we to you. However, please be aware that there are inherent risks in transmitting information by use of the Internet and other online or electronic transmission systems and that we cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted in this way. 

Transfers of personal data collected or obtained via this website

Personal data that is collected through this website may be stored and processed in any country where Sur-Seal, Inc. operates. 

As with personal data that we collect in other ways, personal data that is collected online may be shared within Sur-Seal, Inc. and with external service providers who assist us with our services and functions.

The protections outlined in section 2 of this Privacy Statement (with respect to the protection of personal data that is transferred across national borders) also apply to data that is collected through this website. 

This website may contain links to third party websites (i.e. that are not provided by Sur-Seal, Inc.). Before providing personal data to third party websites, we recommend you examine the privacy policies on those websites. Sur-Seal, Inc. is not responsible for the privacy practices on third party websites.

Data security

As noted above, Sur-Seal, Inc. is regulated under data protection laws and privacy laws. A common feature of those laws is that steps must be taken to keep personal data secure from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, misuse, modification or disclosure. Sur-Seal, Inc. uses reasonable and appropriate physical and electronic security measures to keep personal data secure.

Questions and contact information

If you have any questions or complaints about your privacy or wish to make an access request, please email us or contact Sur-Seal, Inc. Your correspondence will be forwarded to the data privacy coordinator within Sur-Seal, Inc.  

This Privacy Statement may be updated from time to time. When appropriate, a revised statement will be posted on this website which will incorporate any changes. We recommend you return periodically to review the latest Privacy Statement.