7000T Flexible Graphite & 316

Flexible graphite’s main attributes: resistance to heat, fire, corrosion and aggressive chemicals make it the most universally applicable sealing solution on the market today. 7000T Style Gaskets provide a tight seal after repeated exposure to the harshest environments. Flexible graphite achieves optimal results where other materials fail. Resistant to a wide range of temperatures including a minimum of [-400 Degrees F (-240 Degrees C), and maximum of +850 Degrees F (+454 Degrees C), (in atmosphere).] [+1200 Degrees F (+650 Degrees C) to +5432 Degrees F (+3000 Degrees C) in continuous reduction or inert media.] Seals easily under moderate bolt loads and reduces gasket damage in handling and installation. Homogeneous graphite sheets are manufactured from high carbon content (> 98%) natural graphite. Ideal material for sealing applications like flange gaskets and valve stuffing boxes. EXTERNAL PERFORMANCE TESTS AND APPROVALS • ROTT - Room Temperature Tightness Test • ARLA - Aged Relaxation Leakage Test (TTRL) • HATR - High Temperature Tensile Relaxation Screen Test • HOTT - High Temperature Tightness Test. Superior sealability under low flange loads, high surface conformity to irregularities, unlimited shelf life are a few more major benefits of Style 7000T. Style 7000 eliminates potential fluid contamination from binder residue. 7000T is made with grafoil grade 7000 flexible graphite mechanically bonded to both faces of a 0.004 thick flat or mesh 316 stainless steel insert. Please be advised to wear gloves when handling this product, some styles with inserts can be sharp when cut. 7000T Style Gaskets are made of expanded flexible graphite have proven their long-term reliability under extreme operating conditions over the course of many years. While maintaining an effective seal, 7000T Style Gaskets exhibit virtually no creep relaxation. As a result, the need for periodic bolt tightening is greatly reduced.

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