2645 Spacer Bushing Spool Stock

STYLE 2645 SBSS utilizes carbonized fiber with Inconel® reinforcement to create an ideal packing for a spacer bushing in deep valve stuffing boxes. Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) has shown consistent weight loss characteristics at temperatures as high as 18320F.

Most valve packing applications recommend the use of a 5 ring packing set; however, many stuffing boxes have more depth available for packing material. The industry has commonly supplied carbon bushing to fill the extra space. STYLE 2645 replaces the need for carbon bushings and provides an efficient spacer from a single braided spool. It is recommended that STYLE 2645 be used in conjunction with one of Teadit’s premium packing materials such as our certified low leaking technology Style 2236 to achieve excellent sealability.

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