Interflon's FIN SUPER and Lube TF are the next generation in firearm cleaning oil and lubrication.

FIN SUPER/Lube TF is unlike any other gun oil you've ever tried. 
Widely used and trused by military units and police departments in Europe since 1980, it has recently been introduced to the police departments within the United States.
Even large firearm manufacturers like Beretta have switched to FIN SUPER because of the quality and massive difference it makes to the efficiency of their firearms.  

FIN SUPER and Lube TF's MicPol® formula quickly ingratiates and penetrates every microscopic crack, crevice and pore, both inside and out, deeper than any other standard oils or greases.
It then bonds electrostatically, making it last up to 10x longer.
After a few minutes, FIN SUPER/Lube TF dries to a clear non-sticky film that repels water, and protects from dust, dirt, moisture and corrosion.
This will make cleaning your firearms so much easier afterwards, ensures long lasting protection and greatly reduces or even completely eliminating potential jamming.
FIN SUPER and Lube TF isn't affected by temperature, moisture or humidity the way other conventional oils are. Your guns will be more reliable in ALL environments. From temperatures as low as -45F to as high as +330F.

How to Apply FIN SUPER and Lube TF onto Firearms

  • The parts to be cleaned should be cleaned as normal.
  • Apply a small quantity of Fin Super or Lube TF to the cleaned parts.
  • Allow to soak in for at least 10 minutes for the dry MicPol to penetrate and bond with the metal.
  • Lightly wipe away any excess liquid.

After the initial application, you will see that it will be much easier to clean your firearm in subsequent cleanings. Gunpowder residue will find it much more difficult to adhere to surfaces, and moisture will be repelled from every component where you have applied Fin Super/Lube TF.


See what a quick Interflon cleaning does to this AR-15. 
With Interflon, your Gun will handle extreme temperature swings and humid environments unlike any other CLP.
Proven results
Why use anything else?  

Interflon FIN SUPER on this Swat Team Deuce non-lethal launcher made it fire better than new.

The action on this and all 9mm's are much easier after a quick FIN SUPER cleaning.

Our setup display at the Monmouth County Firearms Convention in Monmouth NJ
Representing Interflon and Sur-Seal Inc. in style!

With FIN SUPER, typical cleaning time between rounds decrease from every 1000 rounds to every 6000 rounds.

Check out a Video on Applying FIN SUPER to Firearms

From retired NYC Law Enforcement
Subject: Great Product!!

Hi Larry,

I just used the Lube TF on the cylinder of my Ruger SP101 that regular gun oil did not seem to have the correct lubricity that it needed. The firearm now works BETTER than when it came out of the factory.  
I will try this on my Glock at the next qualification-next week and I am sure it will have the same results.  I just left a message with Karen of my findings.  Bravo!  What a great product!  My life depends on it.  Can't wait to get more.  Thanks. 


After testing Fin Super, handgun manufacturer Beretta changed their Standard Operating Procedures of breaking down their guns at shooting competitions...from cleaning every 1,000 rounds to every 6,500 rounds... That was around 2009. It has been the same ever since.

Bringing this Walther PP back to life
with Interflon products!

Everything was stiff but after a quick metal clean then Fin Super, things are looking great and flowing nicely! This gun based on the serial numbers seems to have been made anywhere from 1939 to 1943... amazing!  Letting it dry then giving another coat tomorrow.  

(side Note: Walther states Interflon is BEST lubricant for all their arms)