About Sur-Seal, Inc.

About Sur-Seal, Inc.

Sur-Seal Inc. is a woman owned business founded in 1979 to serve our customers. Sur-Seal continues to thrive and serve customers both old and new through the hard work of its dedicated employees. We are NOT a catalog supply company but rather a company that is constantly solving the sealing problems of our customers through effective sealing solutions.

We thank our many loyal customers and we know that they appreciate the fact that we consistently do our best to get their products to their site when they are needed. We know that in today's business environment you can't afford downtime and we work to minimize that with our expedited services.

Sur-Seal is strategically located in Central New Jersey between New York and Philadelphia and we serve customers throughout the country. Many items ordered are shipped direct to our customers from our huge warehouse inventory in East Brunswick, New Jersey.


1979 - Our Humble Beginnings

Bill Solomon began Sur-Seal, Inc. as a part time venture out of his garage selling gaskets, mechanical packing, mechanical seals and O-Rings. Bill started to build a reputation with his industrial customers for quality products and service. Even today, 14 years after Bill’s passing, we still hear stories about Bill’s dedication to his customers; he would drive over 3 hours in the middle of the night to deliver a $2.00 seal to keep a factory running, which is dedication! 36 years later, some of those original customers are still with us today.


1982 - Customer Focus

Bill began to expand Sur Seal, bringing on his wife Gloria as a full time employee. He brought on more employees which included a few outside salesmen. Business grew as Sur-Seal, Inc’s core commitment to support its’ customer’s priorities came first. Our mission has always been to work with our customers to help them maintain their facility as efficiently and effectively as possible. This has proven time and time again to be a good mantra. Back in the day, Bill would explain to his employees to not focus on a single order, and instead to focus on the customer and the “bigger picture” and sustaining a long term relationship. We still strive for that level of customer support today.


1986 - The New Generation

Sur-Seal, Inc. created a strategic plan to incorporate the second generation of Solomons into the picture and broaden their product line to add more industrial products and services, including all types of hose, hose assemblies & fittings, pressure gauges, thermometers and other instruments.

Larry, the eldest son joined Sur Seal as a freshman at Rutgers University, running the warehouse in 1985 while in college. A few years later, as business grew, he moved into the office to learn inside sales from Gloria. Gloria is respected throughout the industry. Her knowledge and lessons taught to all of our employees, as a top notch purchasing agent, are second to none. Gloria’s skills enabled her to support and maintain constant growth for some of Sur-Seal’s biggest accounts. Many customers would often comment to Bill or his son, that Gloria is the only woman they would discuss seals and gaskets with in confidence.

As Sur-Seal, Inc. grew, we never lost sight that we are here for our customers. Sur-Seal, Inc. has always, and continues to, assure that their customers can run their facilities properly.


2001 - Gloria And The Boys

Sur-Seal, Inc.’s founder and beloved father, Bill Solomon, passes away much too soon at the age of 58.

By that time, Sur-Seal, Inc. and Bill had a loyal customer base and excellent reputation for providing quality industrial supplies and support. Sur-Seal, Inc. pushed through and continued to keep his reputation strong and Sur-Seal, Inc. is stronger than ever today!

As years have gone on and Sur-Seal, Inc.’s customer base grew, we began to supply other products to aid our customers in running their business properly. Most customers began to look at Sur-Seal, Inc. as their go-to for all types of products because they know we are always able to supply the right products on time and for a competitive price.


2017 - New E-Commerce Website

Sur-Seal, Inc. opens our new e-commerce website offering a new way for our customers to purchase our catalog of products, Take a look around and learn more.