2001 Graphite Yarn, Graphite Filled

Style 2001 is a rugged premium grade, low friction, high strength, proprietary graphite fiber, twisted together and interlock braided. This style contains a special lubricant to provide a bearing film, and protect shafts from scoring. It also acts as a blocking agent to prevent wicking.

Style 2001 packing is ideally suited for use in severe service valves and rotary shaft applications. It handles strong acids and alkali solutions except fuming nitric acid, oleum and fluorine. It can be used to seal steam, water, oil, solvents, alkalis, and acids. It is often used as end rings for packing sets utilizing softer packings that might tend to extrude. This style also handles high temperatures, extremely high shaft speeds (see Service Limits below), most strong chemicals, and reduces shaft wear.

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