Interflon Testimonials

From Chuck Conover, Chief Operator, Boiler Room, Ritz Condos, AC, NJ

Capt. Meyers Interflon Fin Super Video Review

From NJ Fire Dept Chief. He stopped by our office for a quick Demo:

Lieutenant John Lind - Bergen County, NJ Sheriff's Office

Hey Larry,

Just wanted you to know I used the HT1200 anti-seize on the boiler bolts last year. Just disassembled them and they slipped off like butter. The year earlier, Chuck said he was amazed how quiet the old and rusty trash compactor quieted down with a few squirts of Fin Super in a few spots.

We sent a can of Fin Super to Captain Chris Myers at Flats Fishing Trips in Florida to see what he thinks of it.Check it out here!

I just put this Fin Super on a nozzle that has bearings and always seizes on us. We couldn't spin it.  In 5 minutes the coupling I turned with my fingers. The guys S#!T when they saw that.  Wow !

"I’m 1500 rounds into the rifle we cleaned with Interflon. No malfunctions yet."

Bringing this Walther PP back to life with Interflon products!

"Everything was stiff, but after a quick cleaning with Metal Clean, then an application of Fin Super, things are looking great and flowing nicely!

This gun, based on the serial numbers, seems to have been made anywhere from 1939 to 1943... amazing!  
Letting it dry then giving another coat tomorrow." 

(side note: Walther states Interflon is the BEST lubricant for all their arms) 

PSE&G Linden Generating Outage

A "Turbine Casing Horizontal Joint Dowel Bolt" was galled up. For several days they tried lots of Kroil on this bolt, with no luck. They had given up and were getting ready to cut/drill it out. We sprayed 3 light rounds of Fin Super into threads over an 8 minute time span. We all watched it penetrate right in, each time. It gets "drawn in / pulled in" because it's polarized & it Creeps deeper into metals molecularly because it's Nano-Sized....It's the "Holy Grail" of lubrication!! When they used their ITH machine to pull it right out all they guys cheered like they had a baby. They've been using it ever since.