2236 Flexible Graphite with Inconel Wire

Teadit® 2236 valve packing is self-lubrificating, non-hardening, dimentionally stabe and resistant to gases and fluids as well as heat, pressure and chemicals. It's high temperature flexible graphite and Inconel® filament jacket affords mechanical stability while the advanced construction provides leakage control and high integrity in steam service. Due to its physical properties and ability to minimize friction. Teadit ® Style 2236 is ideal for valves and can be used within a broad range of applications.

Style 2236 is Teadit’s Low Emission Packing and it is the best packing for fugitive emission control in manual and automatic valves. It is API 622 certified for both Rotating and Reciprocating Valve, and Teadit® has both Brazil and India packing manufacturing facilities API 622 certified.

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