1100 Carbon Graphite & Nitrile

1100 Style Carbon and Graphite with Nitrile Binder gaskets main attributes: heat and pressure resistant and excels in intense heat, high pressure, saturated steam and hot oils. These characteristics make Style 1100 one of the most universally applicable sealing solutions on the market today. Style 1100 products provide a tight seal after repeated exposure to high heat and saturated steam. Sur-Seal, Inc. Style 1100’s superior torque retention lowers leakage rates, reduces maintenance time, and drastically lowers emission levels. It excels at maintaining an effective seal during pressure and temperature fluctuations. Sur-Seal’s 1100 gaskets enable superior operational endurance and extended life expectancy. Resistant to a wide range of temperatures including Maximum Service of 842 degrees F (450 degrees C). Pressure Rating for Continuous Service is 1015 psi (70 bar), and a Maximum Service of 1885 psi (130 bar). Compressibility - ASTM F36 5 - 15%. Recovery - ASTM F36 min 50%. Sur-Seal, Inc. of NJ Style 1100 made of Carbon and Graphite with Nitrile Binder has proven their long-term reliability under extreme operating conditions over the course of many years.

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