O-Ring, Orange Vinyl Methyl Silicone Size: 005, Durometer: 70 Part Number: ORSIL005 (Min Qty: 200)

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Product Overview


Silicone o-rings comprise of a silicone based material constructed using polymers containing silicium, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. They promote an extreme temperature range yet has a low temperature flexibility. Physically, silicones are based on silicon, an element derived from quartz.

Silicone o-rings possess some of the best flexible properties within low temperature ranges, but does have some limitations, such as low tensile and tear strength and poor wear resistance. Silicone o-rings have excellent resistance to heat, ozone, corona as well as oils, chemicals and solvents.

Typical Applications

Silicone o-rings and compounds are used in many food, medical and semiconductor applications, as they are clean and do not impart odor or taste. There are also static seals for extreme temperature situations. They perform well under environmental and extreme temperatures and are usually applied within automotive and aerospace industries where longevity and flexibility are imperative.

Do Not Use With:

Silicone o-rings are not compatible with acids and alkalis, ketones, aromatic mineral oils, gear oils, fuels or steam over 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 C). They are also non-compatible to aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene or toluene, and any hydrocarbon based fuels.

Material TypeHigh-Temperature Silicone Rubber
Min. Temperature °F(°C): -80°F (-62°C)
Max. Temperature °F(°C): 450°F (232°C)

Product Dimensions:

Inner Diameter: 3/32 (0.101")

Outer Diameter: 7/32 (0.241")

Cross Section: 1/16 (0.060")

Durometer 70A (Medium)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review