O-Ring, Black BUNA/NBR Nitrile Size: 003, Durometer: 70 Part Number: ORBN003 (Min Qty: 500)

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Product Overview


Buna O-rings are some of the most commonly used o-rings in typical applications due to an excellent sealing property and durability. Buna, or Buna-N, is a copolymer with Butadiene and Acrylonitrile and is commonly referred to as Nitrile or NBR. This material offers a relatively low cost, great mechanical properties and resistance to many common oils, fuels and lubricants.

Typical Applications

Silicone Greases or Oils, Water (usually with NSF-61 types O-rings and for temperatures under 150°F), Petroleum Oils and Fuels, Ethylene Glycol Fluids, mineral oils, di-ester base lubricants, air, water under 150°F, and natural gas. It is best used in enclosed environments, as the material has a poor resistance to weathering, sunlight and ozone.

Do Not Use With:

Ketones (MEK), Sunlight, Ozone, Weathering, Halogenated Hydrocarbons, Auto and Aircraft Brake Fluids, and Strong Acids.

MaterialNitrile Buna RubberColor: BLACK
Min. Temperature °F(°C): -31°F (-35°C)
Max. Temperature °F(°C): 250°F (121°C)

Product Dimensions:

Inner Diameter: 1/16 (0.056")

Outer Diameter: 3/16 (0.176")

Cross Section: 1/16 (0.060")

Durometer 70A (Medium)


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