CFF7157.1600.031.300 - 7157 EPDM 60 Durometer Full Face Gasket 16" Pipe Size, 1/32" Thick, 300# (Min Qty: 1)

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Product Overview


This gasket material is comprised of EPDM, ethylene propylene diene monomer, rubber, which features excellent resistances to heat, weather, ozone, oxygen acids and aging. It is an odor-free, dielectric material that can withstand temperatures both hot and cold, conform easily to uneven flange surfaces and has great electrical insulating properties.

When it comes to sealing flanges, whether raised or flat face flanges, there are two type of gasket shapes - Ring Gaskets and Full Face Gaskets. Full Face Gaskets are similar to Ring gaskets, as they too are used to seal raised flanges, however Full Face are designed with a specified number of holes for securing bolts to pass through, thus making alignment easier and clamping easier. Full Face gaskets also have the added benefit of filling the hap between the bolting surfaces. The disadvantage is that the joint must be completely dissembled for installation.


With its outstanding resistances and properties makes EPDM rubber gasketing perfect for outdoor applications. They are popular within the appliance industry, for low-pressure boiler gaskets, and general purpose gasket for air, hot and cold water and saturated steam.

1. Applications exposed to Ozone, UV light, weather or saltwater

2. Steam, Oxidation, water (cold or hot) and salt water

3. Hydraulic Silicates and phosphates, Ketones (MEK)

4. Chlorine, Acids and Alkalis

Do Not Use Within:

Neoprene gasket material is not compatible with any acetones, aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons, such as benzene.

Specifications and Statistics:

Material Type:Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Rubber
Color: BLACK
Minimum Temperature °F(°C): -40°F (-40°C)
Maximum Temperature °F(°C):212°F (121°C)

Product Dimensions:

Pipe Size: 16 (16)

Thickness: 1/32 (0.03125)

Pressure Rating: 300

Inner Diameter: 16 (16)

Outer Diameter: 23 1/2 (23.5)

Number of Bolt Holes: 16


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