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75 Durometer

Viton "O" Rings seal performance in camparison to cost makes it the second most popular sealing material. Fluoroelastomer is resistant to a wide range chemicals, oil and heat. The outstanding heat stability and excellent resistances are due to the high ratio of fluorine to hydrogen, the strength of the carbon-fluorine bond, and the absence of unsaturation. FKM compounds are widely used in chemical, automotive, aerospace and industrial applications. Fluoroelastomers are referred to generically as FKM polymers. Viton should not be used with Ketones (MEK,and Acetone) and Skydrol fluids, Amines and Anhydrous Ammonia, Low molecular weight esters and ethers. Also avoid use with hot hydrofluoric or chlorosulfonic acids and low molecular weight organic acids (formic and acetic acids), Polar solvents, low molecular weight organic solvents and glycol-based brake fluids. compounded for service covering a temperature range of -17°F (-27°C) to 437o F (225°C).

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