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80 Durometer

Deciding on what elastomer for your application can be difficult. Aflas is the Trade name for a unique fluoroelastomer based upon an alternating Copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and Propylene ("tfe/p"). tfe/p is a Copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and Propylene with a fluorine content of app. 54 percent. This Material is unique due to its resistance to petroleum products, steam, and phosphate-esters. In some respects it exhibits media compatibility properties similar to ethylene Propylene and fluorocarbon. Service temperatures are -5°c (25°f) to +204°c (+400°f). tfe/p provides improved chemical resistance to a wide Spectrum of automotive fluids and additives. It is resistant to motor oils of all types, engine coolants with high level of rust inhibitors, extreme pressure (EP) gear lubricants, transmission and power steering fluids, and all types of brake fluids including DOT 3, mineral oil, and silicone oil. Tfe/p is ideal for heat transfer media, amines, acids and bases, as well as hot water and steam up to +170°c (+340°f). aflas, when properly formulated, can be used to fabricate O-Rings, gaskets, and seals possessing several unique properties. They have excellent heat resistance with 230°c continuous service Temp capability, chemical resistance including resistance to strong acids and caustics/bases, high electrical resistivity, and excellent oil resistance. Aflas has outstanding base resistance (E.G. Caustics, alkalines, amines, nucleophiles) Unlike other fluorocarbon polymers that contain vinylidene fluoride. Do not be fooled by cheap aflas O-Rings and seals since they often lack proper post curing techniques, contain reground Material, blends of cheaper fluorocarbon polymers and will deliver inferior performance.

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