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1501 Expanded PTFE

1501 Expanded PTFE Style Gaskets are designed to outperform both conventional (filled and skived) PTFE and other ePTFE gasketing in steel piping and equipment. Expanded PTFE has the chemical resistance of conventional PTFE sheet gasketing without the creep and cold flow commonly associated with that material. Style 1501 gaskets are stronger and more dimensionally stable than other ePTFE gaskets. Expanded PTFE is highly conformable to rough or irregular sealing surfaces, and compresses into an extremely tough gasket that creates a tight, long-lasting seal. It is suitable for service at temperatures up to 500 Degrees Fahrenheit and pressure vacuum up to 2900psi (200bar). ePTFE is particularly recommended for applications in the food and beverage industry where high purity materials are required. Because of Style 1501 greater tensile strength then other brands of pure expanded PTFE only based gaskets, it retains greater dimensional stability in use, in both thickness and width. Therefore, its thickness remains more dimensionally stable than that of other PTFE-based gaskets. 1501 Expanded PTFE Style Gaskets maintains a greater percentage of bolt load in operation, providing a more reliable seal especially in thermal cycling and higher temperature conditions. The width of Style 1501 gaskets remain more dimensionally stable, avoiding gasket intrusion into the pipe bore which can negatively affect process performance. Along with providing a larger window for blowout safety, the dimensionally stable seal can also increase process uptime and reduce maintenance costs associated with gasket re-torque and replacement. 1501 Expanded PTFE Style Gaskets are made of ePTFE have proven their long-term reliability under extreme operating conditions over the course of many years. ePTFE conforms to common flange imperfections. This can eliminate the need for flange resurfacing, expand the window of applicability and create a highly reliable initial seal, so start-ups can be more trouble free. 1501 Expanded PTFE Style Gaskets will seal all aggressive chemicals over the entire 0-14 pH range, except for molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine. ePTFE is suitable for all types of flanges, nearly all media, a wide temperature range and for applications with the toughest demands on purity. Expanded PTFE gaskets are particularly recommended for applications in the food and beverage industry where high purity materials are required. ePTFE is both high impact and tear resistant.

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