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Cromium-6, a Cancer-Causing Chemical Featured in ‘Erin Brockovich’ Still Found in Our Water


A new analysis of our drinking water conducted by the Environmental Working Group finds the cancer-causing chemical called Cromium-6 in our water. This chemical is the same one that Erin Brockovich made famous in the 2000 film Erin Brockovich. Data from nationwide tests show it is in our water and potentially at dangerous levels. The chemical, Chromium 6, or hexavalent chromium can be produced in manufacturing stainless steel or producing textiles.

In a report published by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) on September 20th, 2016, analyzes data from over 60,000 water samples that the US Environmental Protection Agency collected. The analysis decrees that approximately 218 million people are drinking tap water with higher levels than recommended by scientists. Out of the 50 states, Arizona (Phoenix), Missouri (St. Louis County) and Texas (Houston) received the highest concentration results. Over time, this has the potential to lead to an additional 12,000 cases of cancer, the Environmental Working Group claims.

The Environmental Protection Agency of the US does not currently have guidelines for Chromium-6 specifically.

In 2008, a confirmation from the National Toxicology Program indicates that Cromium-6 causes cancerous tumors in mine, and the chemical is one of many included in the 13th Report on Carcinogens. According to David Andrews, a senior scientist at the EWG, the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States only has a single guideline for Chromium in general, one that combines Chromium-6 and a safe version called Chromium-3.

According to Elaine Khan, a senior toxicologist at California’s Office of Environment Health Hazard Assessment, California has the strictest recommendation for safety of chromium-6 and their public health goal is of 0.02 parts per billion, based off the 2008 study.

To perceive the dangers of drinking tap water with Chromium-6, let’s go over some statistics.

In California’s strict safety recommendation, at 0.02 parts per billion, it is estimated that over 70 years of drinking the water, one in a million people will contract cancer.

At their Legal Standard, this is 10 parts per billion, estimates that over 70 years, about 500 people out of a million will get cancer.

The EPA’s legal standard (the federal number) is at 100 parts per billion, ten times the amount of California’s legal standard. This standard also applies also to Chromium-3 being in the water, whether it is 90% of the safe Chromium-3 and 10% of the dangerous Chromium 6 or vice-versa.

Some reports indicate that some of the chromium-6 limits are okay because our stomachs can process some of the Chromium-6 into its harmless version Chromium-3, however the amount still left over could be enough to cause cancer. People with lower stomach acidity like newborns or those taking gastric reflux medications would be vulnerable to higher limits.

There is a way to remove Chromium-6 from your water, and can be done using special filters on your tap, or even better yet, at the water utilities site.

From Flint Michigan, to increasing reports on Lead Leaching around to country, and now to these found levels of Chromium-6 in our water, it really raises a red flag in determining how adequate our public drinking water truly is.

For our nation’s infrastructure in water supplies, to sustain clean levels of drinking water, the FDA has made NSF-61 type products to be regulatory for any water treatment facilities.

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